Pond Creation

Add Value to Your Property With a Pond

Schedule your pond construction and creation in Blanchard & Moore, OK and surrounding areas

You may want a pond to provide an abundant supply of fresh water for livestock. Or you might have recreational purposes in mind. If you're thinking about putting a pond on your property, we've got you covered. Ten Arrows Contracting LLC provides exceptional pond construction services in Blanchard & Moore, OK and surrounding areas. Not only will a pond create a calming environment for you and your family, it can also serve as a safe haven for wildlife. Call us today at 405-778-5771 to get your pond construction project in the works. We'll be glad to give you a free estimate.

Details about our pond creation process

Details about our pond creation process

Building a pond is not something the average property owner can do on their own. Steps of the pond creation process include:

  • Determining the elevation
  • Testing the permeability of the soil
  • Stripping off topsoil from the pond area
  • Digging out the pond
  • Build a dam and 6 inch compacted lifts
  • Respreading topsoil to minimize erosion
  • Pond fish stocking
  • Installing bentonite to help prevent the pond from leaking


The team at Ten Arrows Contracting will make your pond creation project a success. Reach out today to schedule an on-site consultation.